replicon origin

replicon origin
точка инициации репликона

English-russian biological dictionary. 2013.

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  • Origin of replication — The origin of replication (also called the replication origin) is a particular sequence in a genome at which replication is initiated.[1] This can either be DNA replication in living organisms such as prokaryotes and eukaryotes, or RNA… …   Wikipedia

  • Replicon (genetics) — A replicon is a DNA molecule or RNA molecule, or a region of DNA or RNA, that replicates from a single origin of replication.For most prokaryotic chromosomes, the replicon is the entire chromosome. The only exceptions found comes from archaea,… …   Wikipedia

  • replicon — The portion of a DNA molecule which can be replicated from a single origin of replication. Plasmids and the chromosomes of bacteria, phages and other viruses usually have a single origin of replication so that their entire genome constitutes a… …   Glossary of Biotechnology

  • Origin recognition complex — Potential role of Cdc6 at the initiation of DNA replication.[1] ORC or Origin Recognition Complex is a multi subunit[2] DNA binding complex (6 subunits) that binds in all eukaryotes in an ATP dependent manner to origins …   Wikipedia

  • replicon — (rep lī kon) A unit of the genome that contains an origin for the initiation of replication and in which DNA is replicated …   Dictionary of microbiology

  • replicon —    A unit of the genome in which DNA is replicated; contains an origin for initiation of replication …   Forensic science glossary

  • replicon — [ rɛplɪkɒn] noun Biology a nucleic acid molecule, or part of one, which replicates as a unit, beginning at a specific site within it. Origin 1960s: from replication (see replicate) + on …   English new terms dictionary

  • ORC1 — Origin recognition complex, subunit 1 Identifiers Symbols ORC1; HSORC1; ORC1L; PARC1 External IDs …   Wikipedia

  • DNA replication — DNA replication. The double helix is unwound and each strand acts as a template for the next strand. Bases are matched to synthesize the new partner strands. DNA replication is a biological process that occurs in all living organisms and copies… …   Wikipedia

  • Ori (genetics) — Ori is the DNA sequence that signals for the origin of replication, sometimes referred to simply as origin. In E. coli, ori is some 250 nucleotides in length for the chromosomal origin (oriC). The plasmid ori sequences are similar to oriC. During …   Wikipedia

  • Helicase — Structure of E. coli helicase RuvA Helicases are a class of enzymes vital to all living organisms. They are motor proteins that move directionally along a nucleic acid phosphodiester backbone, separating two annealed nucleic acid strands (i.e.,… …   Wikipedia

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